FinanceX would like to inform customers about the change of regulations in KYC policy for customers trading on FinanceX. At the request of partner banks and in order to ensure the State Bank’s regulations, in compliance with the Law on Money Laundering Prevention and Combat, the policies of FinanceX will have the following changes:

1. FinanceX only provides the above deposit, withdrawal and transaction service for customers who have conducted KYC and approved KYC documents.

2. FinanceX only accepts deposits in VND from bank accounts in the name of the person who opens the account at FinanceX. All forms of depositing money on behalf of the account holder at FinanceX counters are not accepted. FinanceX is not responsible or obligated to refund any money deposited in contravention of the provisions of Article 2.

3. The account holder opened at FinanceX is fully responsible before the law for the origin of the money transferred to the exchange.

4. The new policy takes effect from April 29, 2020.

If there are any problems encountered during the use of our service, please contact [email protected] or TelegramFacebookLiveChat for assistance.

Thanks for your support!

FinanceX Team