FinanceX will conduct periodic system maintenance

Hello FinanceXers,

FinanceX will conduct periodic system maintenance starting from 2:00 AM on July 21, 2019 to 02:00 PM on July 21, 2019 (UTC). FinanceX will suspend trading BUY/SELL/DEPOSIT/WITHDRAW during this period. 

Let ensure you complete the Deposits/Withdrawals at FinanceX before the above time.
Pending Withdrawals request will be processed after the maintenance process is completed.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.

Note: The above time is expected to be completed and may change during the system maintenance process. We will constantly update the maintenance process through our information channels.

If there are any problems encountered during the use of our service, please contact [email protected] or Telegram, Facebook, LiveChat for assistance.

Thanks for your support!

FinanceX Team