FinanceX Sign On Another Big Name In Advisory Role

FinanceX has acquired the services of yet another high-profile name continuing the upward projection towards ICO success!

FinanceX welcomes Mr. Mudit Saxena, a Retail Banking expert. He is currently the Head of Retail, Digital and Marketing at Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) and will be assisting FinanceX as an Advisor.

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Mr. Saxena has played a key role in transforming many major banks to award-winning potential. His roles have included:

Head of Marketing and Internet Banking with HDFC bank in India
Head of Products and Marketing with Emirates Bank
Head of Retail with Bank Dhofar in Oman

In two years, with the help of Booz Allen, he moved Bank Dhofar from №5 to №2 position. The Commercial Bank of Dubai has doubled in size in 18 short months with Mr. Saxena’s influence.

FinanceX is excited to work alongside Mr. Saxena, and absorb some of his vast knowledge and expertize.