What is a promotional wallet?

Promotional wallet includes Coin or Cash  that an account receives from the promotion programs of FinanceX. Users can only use promotional assest to pay transaction fees for all trading pairs in the same market as Promotional Coin or Money on FinanceX.  Promotion balance will not be used for BUY / SELL transactions.

Here is the detail instructions of promotional wallet:

– Promotional wallet will be the first PRIORITY for fee payment on FinanceX.

– This fee payment method will be applied according to the current fee structure of your account (not be used with other promotional program at the same time). When the promotion balance is not enough to pay the transaction fee, it will automatically change to the Membership Package or the default payment method (if there is no other promotion).

– Promotional wallet is only used to pay transaction fees for trading pairs in the same market. It can not be  used to pay transaction fees for pairs of transactions in other markets.

Example: Promotional FNX wallet will be used to pay transaction fees for trading pairs  in FNX market; transactions in VND, IDR markets … will not be paid by promotional FNX.

– Transactions fee using promotional FNX will not receive referral commissions.

To see the balance of promotional wallet visit “Balances-> Asset Management

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