Instructions for creating and using vouchers

A- How to create a voucher

Step 1: Log in to your account.

Step 2: Click “Balances” => “Voucher”

Step 3: Select the currency you want to redeem vouchers in “Select wallet” box

=> Enter the amount andthe value of the voucher you want to redeem (Value per voucher)

For example: Create 2 vouchers with the value of each voucher is 50,000,000 IDR.


Step 4: Click “Submit” => Redeem a successful voucher.


Note: The new created Voucher and voucher will be displayed in the “History” table of the “Generate” page.

B – How to use voucher

I. Load voucher

Step 1: Copy the code in the history section of the “Generate” page.

Step 2: Select “Apply” => enter the copied code  in step 1 into the “Voucher code” box

Step 3: Click “Apply code” => Load voucher successfully

Note: Charge for voucher is 1% per voucher value.

II. Transfer voucher

Step 1: Click “Transfer” at the voucher code you want to transfer

Step 2: Enter the email of the voucher recipient in the email box

Step 3: Click “Submit” => Transfer successful voucher

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