Instruction for FinanceX beginner

Welcome to FinanceX

FinanceX is founded in 2018 by a team of technological exxperts and supported by financial institutions from Japan, Singapore, USA. FinanceX is a world-class e-cryptocurrency exchange with the ability to support transactions with FIat (local currency). At FinanceX, traders can buy or sell, manage digital assets in local currency without any trouble with exchange rate risks.

To Start

The first thing you need to do after creating a FinanceX account is to optimize your security settings. FinanceX offers a range of advanced security features that allow users to enhance their account security and protect their money.

At a minimum, we require all users to create a strong, unique password for their FinanceX accounts and associate this with Google 2FA. It’s extremely important that you keep in mind your 2FA lock, shown during setup, saved offline, and in a safe place!

If you do not enable 2FA, you will not be able to make transactions such as money withdrawals or coin withdrawals etc.

Make your first transaction

You are ready to make your first transaction. To perform a transaction, follow the steps below:

  • Access to your financex account

  • Go to the trading page and select the currency pair you want to trade (for example: BTC / VND – BTC in VND)

  • Select the price and volume you want to trade. Once you have selected the price and volume, you simply click buy or sell to execute the order.


Using the example of BTC / VND mentioned above, click “Buy” will buy your current VND, while “Sell” will sell your existing BTC and receive VND.

Your order will now appear in the “Pending Order” section, displayed below the transaction page. When your order is executed, the money will be transferred to your wallet and the executed or canceled order will move to the order history at the bottom of the trading screen.

You can refer to the following article:

Please access to How to trade to get more information about trading.

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