How to Deposits/Withdrawals Binance Coin (BNB) at FinanceX

Hello FinanceXers,

FinanceX officially lists BNB and supports Binance Chain. Here are BNB deposit and withdraw instructions. Please follow exactly step by step:


Step 1: Log in FinanceX.

Step 2: Access Trade Balances Coin

Step 3: Click  Deposits → Choose BNB Coin

IMPORTANT: FinanceX supports both Binance Chain mainnet and ERC20. Please check the BNB wallet address correctly. Any mistakes can make you lose your coin. 

  • Token BNB ERC20 must be transfered to ERC20 address. FinanceX will automatically swap to Binance Chain Mainnet.

  • Token BNB Binance Chain mainnet send to your BNB Binance Chain wallet at FinanceX. First select the “I understand that deposits without a MEMO will lost” then click Continue deposit.

Send token BNB Binance Chain to BNB Binance Chain wallets at FinanceX you need to enter fully and correctly: BNB Binance Chain wallet and MEMO code corresponding to your account.



FinanceX now only supports BNB Mainnet withdrawal. BNB ERC20 cannot be sent to Mainnet address.

Make sure the address you want to withdraw to is Mainnet.

Step 1:  Click Withdrawals →Choose BNB Coin

Step 2: Enter these information:

    • BNB Amount
    • BNB wallet address
    • Memo (if you have), if no please click ”No Memo”

Step 3: Click Submit then check your email to confirm the withdrawal.

Any questions will be supported via [email protected]TelegramFacebookLiveChat.

Thanks for your interest!

FinanceX Team



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