How to Deposits Fiat to FinanceX

Hello FinanceXers,

FinanceX supports Fiat transactions with many countries, you can deposit Fiat into FinanceX following these instructions:

Step 1:Login FinanceX.

Step 2: Click TRADE -> BALANCES -> MONEY

Step 3: Click Deposits -> Select Wallet -> Enter Deposit Amount then click Submit Request to finish your deposit progress.

Step 4: Click Bank Transfer or PayPal

Read carefully and check the information again, then press Confirm.

Step 5: Send money to your FinanceX  Wallet.

You click on the Details

Then transfer money in the form, including: Bank name, Account name, Account number, Transfer Description and Deposit Amount.

Recommended: Please use 24/7 money transfer service to request the fastest processing

After transfering money, the system will automatically transfer your money to your FinanceX account.

Any questions will be supported via [email protected]TelegramFacebookLiveChat.

Thanks for your interest!

FinanceX Team




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