Deposit / withdraw money but I haven’t received it yet ?

I’ve made a deposit to FinanceX but I have not received any money into my FinanceX account yet. Why ?

The system of FinanceX will automatically transfer money to your account after you make a transfer. Usually, this process usually takes place within 5 minutes after you transfer money.

About 1 hour (during bank working hours) after you make a transaction that has not yet been received the money, please send us your money transfer receipt, we will assist in processing your issue as fast as possible

Did I make a withdrawal but still have not received the money?

After making a withdrawal request, you can track the transaction status in the withdrawals history.

  • If the status shows “email sent”: please login to your email to confirm the withdrawal
  • If the status display is “processing”: your withdrawal request is being reviewed by the system
  • If the status is “completed”: money has been transferred to your account successfully.

So, if the status display is “completed” and you still have not received the money, please contact us immediately for assistance.

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