Common errors

System Login Error

What should you do when you entered the correct information but the system shows error?

If you enter all of your email and password information correctly, but still can not access your trading account, you can try following instructions:

  • Clear the browser’s cache and cookies that are being used then sign in again
  • If you are still see error, you can temporarily disable all extensions of the browser you have installed, especially advertisement blockers or utility scripts. You can try signing in with another browser to log in FinanceX account
  •  Update your DNS server when connecting to Google (Primary:, Secondary: You can also use another device to sign in to your account, or change the connected internet to handle your issue.

If you have tried all of the above instructions and still can not log in to your trading account, please lindly send a ticket to the support system. For faster, you can send an e-mail directly to our customer service mailbox so that FinanceX can help you solve your account login problem.

Hope this article will help you to have a better experience and easily handle the problems encountered while logging in and using the FinanceX cryptocurrency platform.

I made a withdrawal from FinanceX to another blockchain / wallet wallet, but why have not I received?

If you experience problems with your e-wallet withdrawals from your FinanceX account, first log in your trading account and check the status of the transaction in the withdrawal history section of your account.

  • If at this point, your transaction status has been confirmed, but you have not received the money for the blockchain account, please contact our support and provide the necessary information to get support as soon as possible.

I can not set a price for my order, what should I do?

Your sell or buy order will not be set until the market price reaches your desired price. Therefore, if your order is not activated, please check that the price you set to match the market price set or not.

If you can not adjust, you can cancel your current order and place a new order at a more competitive price.

Why didn’t I receive an email from FinanceX?

For a long time, if you have not received any email notification from FinanceX, first check the Spam folder in your inbox. If you still can not find the email from us, please contact us for assistance.

Forgot / lost 2FA google passwords

When you enable authentication via google 2FA, at third step, you will receive a message to save the code to restore 2FA when the phone is lost. You can:

+ Take pictures and put them in a safe place

+ Hand-code the 16-character code and put it away.

In case you forget to save this code that happens such as lost phone, deleted software, …. should also not worry, stay calm and follow the steps to disable 2FA.

  •    Contact FinanceX support
  •   Provide necessary information such as:

o   Email of the registered account

o   Identification Card (both front and back)

o   Your photo is taken with the ID card or passport with the current date and “FinanceX”

  •    After submitting the request and necessary information, FinanceX will review your request and process it as soon as possible.

Note: You should not provide your FinanceX login password to anyone including FinanceX support to secure your account.


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