Asset Management

Step 1: Access to your Financex account:

Step 2: Click [Balances ] -> [Asset management]

The asset management section consists of 3 parts:

* Total assets

  • Estimate total assets: total amount and value of coin after conversion into money
  • Fiat: Total available cash 
  • Coin: Total available coin 

* Fiat Wallets

  • Total amount: total available money amount 
  • Pending: The total transaction amount has not been matched, the money withdrawal amount has not been approved
  • Deposit: Total successful withdrawal amount 
  • Withdrawals: Total successful withdrawal

*Coin Wallets

  • Total amount: Total available coin
  • Balance = Total amount – Pending
  • Pending: Coin is pending for being matched and approved
  • Last price: Matched last price
  • Total: Total transaction volume
  • PNL: profit and loss


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