Anti-virus&Trojan Guideline

It is recommended  for you to check healthy of the computer immediately,  Below 3 approach are suggested:

1. Open browser without any plug-in/ extensions under security model  to login FinanceX website. Therefore, verify the validity of coins addresses;

  • Chrome: new incognito window(Ctrl+Shift+N)

  • Firefox:  new private window(Ctrl+Shift+P)

2. Put a valid withdrawing address in Notepad, then copy/paste it to withdrawal address, finally check the consistency of address between notepad and browser;

3. Please download and install FinanceX APP in your mobile phone, then check the consistency of addresses between APP and browser;

If it was found that addresses are inconsistency, it is obviously that  the computer has been infected by Trojan or viruses already. Hope below are helpful for you:

  • install anti-virus software to scan/kill Tojan and viruses as soon as possible;
  • disable plus-in/extensions in browser, uninstall unknown software in the computer;
  • Under extreme risk situation, shall format disk and reinstall OS in the computer;
  • It is useful to seek help from information security expert

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