DatEat and FinanceX signed Strategic Partnership Agreement

On Saturday, November 10, DatEat representative Mr. Tuan Truong, and FinanceX representative Mr. Peter Dinh, signed an agreement establishing a strategic partnership between the two rising stars in the Southeast Asian blockchain industry.
DTE will be listed on the FinanceX exchange on (drum roll please!)…

Thursday, November 17

That’s right! DTE token will be listed and ready to purchase this time next week! Read our articles about DatEat, DTE token, and why they chose to list on the FinanceX exchange. to educate yourself and discover why DTE is a must-have token.

DatEat Live is available now on the Apple App Store so get downloading and find your perfect match courtesy of blockchain technology. Don’t stress Android users! DatEat will be out on the Google Play Store in no time!

FinanceX is extremely excited to partner DatEat as each company goes from strength to strength heading towards the new year and beyond.


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