How to deposit coin by FinanceX

Step 1: Access to FinanceX website Step2: Click [Balances] -> [Coin] -> [Deposits]. Please select the coin you want to trade then you copy the deposit wallet address you will see right below. Step 3: Access to your current account and paste the wallet address and click “Submit” to complete your […]

How to Trade

Step 1: Access to your FinanceX account. Step 2: Go to the trading page and select the currency pair you want to trade (for example: BTC / VND – BTC in VND) Step 3: Buy/ sell coin  Enter Buy/Sell price Enter Buy/Sell amount Enter Buy/Sell amount Ex: Buy BTC   Step […]

How to withdraw Coin

Step 1: Access to FinanceX Exchange. Step 2: Click [Balances] -> [Coin] -> [Withdrawals] -> Fill up your information. Then finally click “Submit” to complete your  withdrawal order. Step 3: Active the 2FA Security -> Submit Then you will get the notification below: After that, your process status will turned […]

How to Deposits Fiat to FinanceX

Hello FinanceXers, FinanceX supports Fiat transactions with many countries, you can deposit Fiat into FinanceX following these instructions: Step 1:Login FinanceX. Step 2: Click TRADE -> BALANCES -> MONEY Step 3: Click Deposits Select Wallet Enter Deposit Amount Select Payment Method Select Bank Click Submit Request to finish your deposit progress. […]