[Mobile APP] – Instructions Turn on 2FA security via Email and Google Authenticator on FinanceX trading platform.

1, Log in to your account at FinanceX application. 2, Select the Account section => Then scroll down to the Security section. 3, To use 2FA via email, select Enable email authentication. Enter your current password. Enter your registration email-> Click Enable. 4, To secure 2FA via Google Authenticator select Enable authentication via Google Authenticator. […]

Announcement – Temporary suspension of DEPOSIT – WITHDRAWAL of Ethereum Classic (ETC) and reopening BUY – SELL orders after double-spend attacks.

Hello, After reviewing the double-spending attacks on Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain, FinanceX are temporarily suspending all Deposits and Withdrawals of Ethereum Classic (ETC). All accounts own ETC can still process BUY – SELL orders during this time. Our technical team is still monitoring the trading process of ETC, we will […]