Forgot / wrong transfer code

If you forget or enter the wrong code description when transferring money, please provide us with the necessary information proving your funds transfer, we will review and respond as soon as possible. Steps to send information: Log in to FinanceX Select [Balances] -> [Money] Click on “details” in the deposit […]

Withdraw money/ coin to a wrong address

FinanceX will automatically start the withdrawal process as soon as you press “Confirm” in your email. Unfortunately, this is an irreversible process. Due to the anonymity of blockchain, FinanceX can not locate your coin. If you make a mistake when sending your coin, try to contact the recipient of the […]

Switch to a third-party Wallet

We encourage all users to only send money from FinanceX to a wallet they have full control over. This includes wallets and other services when you control an account. If you want to send money to a wallet or account you do not control, please ensure that the transaction is […]

Cash withdrawal Fiat

When you make a withdrawal, the processing time for Fiat withdrawals is usually within 1 hour. The above time will sometimes be delayed due to processing time of the receiving bank. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us via website , thank you!

Why is my Coin Deposit order “Unconfirmed”?

When you make a deposit, the system will review your request for a certain period of time (usually within a few hours). However, if the transaction has an error, the system will automatically “decline” the request and return the money to your account. Please make another order to send the […]

Why is my deposit order “Email sent” status?

The “email sent” status on withdrawal means that the withdrawal request has not been confirmed by you via the link provided in the withdrawal confirmation email. When the withdrawal is not confirmed within 45 minutes, the withdrawal confirmation email will no longer be valid. You need to log back into […]

Asset Management

Step 1: Access to your Financex account: Step 2: Click [Balances ] -> [Asset management] The asset management section consists of 3 parts: * Total assets Estimate total assets: total amount and value of coin after conversion into money Fiat: Total available cash  Coin: Total available coin  * Fiat Wallets […]

Instruction for FinanceX beginner

Welcome to FinanceX FinanceX is founded in 2018 by a team of technological exxperts and supported by financial institutions from Japan, Singapore, USA. FinanceX is a world-class e-cryptocurrency exchange with the ability to support transactions with FIat (local currency). At FinanceX, traders can buy or sell, manage digital assets in […]