Accuracy is calculated using the numbers mean

Accuracy of all transaction prices is calculated based on the key figures. We use: Price the 8 digits after the comma for BTC rounding up for VND Amount the following 8 digits are followed by commas for all coins Total the 8 digits after the comma for BTC rounding up […]

Where can I see my costs?

You can refer to FinanceX’s fee table here. If you would like to view the details of each transaction, please follow these steps: Log in to FinanceX At the top of the page choose “History” -> select “Details”   EXCHANGE MADE SIMPLE    

Order history and trading

For an overview of your account and transaction history, you can download your order history at any date range requested following the instructions below: Select the appropriate date range Click the download symbol in the “Export order history” section to download.   All downloaded documents should be in .xls. format. […]

Incorrect deposit coin

According to the special characteristics of Blockchain technology, if you accidentally choose the wrong type of coin compared to the address you want to send (for example, you choose the BTC but enter the address of the Ethereum), the coin will not be transferred to the address you give. In […]