Anti-virus&Trojan Guideline

It is recommended  for you to check healthy of the computer immediately,  Below 3 approach are suggested: 1. Open browser without any plug-in/ extensions under security model  to login FinanceX website. Therefore, verify the validity of coins addresses; Chrome: new incognito window(Ctrl+Shift+N) Firefox:  new private window(Ctrl+Shift+P) 2. Put a valid […]

Types of Phishing – Email

There are reports of users receiving e-mails, disguised as being from FinanceX, advertising an “ERC20 Token Import”. This is a scam designed to steal funds from your personal wallets (not your FinanceX account). Never give out your private keys/phrases!

Scammers in Twitter

Scammers are impersonating official FinanceX accounts and tweeting to ask for deposits to specific addresses in return for gifts. You will lose your tokens if you do this! FinanceX will never ask you to send coins directly to any address for any reason !

Scammers in Telegram

The FinanceX Telegram group is a platform for discussion and there is no official customer support provided in the group. If you need to contact FinanceX customer support, please open a ticket ( and we will respond as soon as possible. Remember that we will never ask you to send […]