Why is my deposit order “Email sent” status?

The “email sent” status on withdrawal means that the withdrawal request has not been confirmed by you via the link provided in the withdrawal confirmation email. When the withdrawal is not confirmed within 45 minutes, the withdrawal confirmation email will no longer be valid. You need to log back into […]

Asset Management

Step 1: Access to your Financex account: https://financex.io/ Step 2: Click [Balances ] -> [Asset management] The asset management section consists of 3 parts: * Total assets Estimate total assets: total amount and value of coin after conversion into money Fiat: Total available cash  Coin: Total available coin  * Fiat Wallets […]

Instruction for FinanceX beginner

Welcome to FinanceX FinanceX is founded in 2018 by a team of technological exxperts and supported by financial institutions from Japan, Singapore, USA. FinanceX is a world-class e-cryptocurrency exchange with the ability to support transactions with FIat (local currency). At FinanceX, traders can buy or sell, manage digital assets in […]

Common errors

System Login Error What should you do when you entered the correct information but the system shows error? If you enter all of your email and password information correctly, but still can not access your trading account, you can try following instructions: Clear the browser’s cache and cookies that are […]

What is FinanceX?

FinanceX is Founded in 2018 by experts in technology industry and supported by financial institutions from Japan, Singapore and USA. FinanceX is a world-class cryptocurrency exchange providing multiple transaction with fiat (local currency). At FinanceX, traders can buy or sell, manage digital assets in local currency without any trouble with  […]


Lauching date            : August 20, 2018 Time for registration : Start from August 14, 2018 via website: https://financex.io AIRDROPS FinanceX will give 1000 BONUS FNX TOKENS to the first 3000 registered members, their share of 12 BILLION vnd immediately after registration on August 14, 2018. REFERRAL […]

Why was my withdrawal canceled?

The most common reasons are: Canceled withdraws most often occur due to the user not confirming the withdrawal through a link in the email dispatched to the email address linked to the user’s FinanceX account. Users have 45 minute to confirm their withdrawal requests before the withdrawal is automatically canceled. […]

Minimum Withdrawals

Why is there a minimum for withdrawals? In highly active cryptocurrency wallets such as FinanceX’s hot wallets, the number of inputs coming in (deposits) and going out (withdrawals) is enormous. In times of high activity, many small wallet inputs and outputs cause technical delays and users have to wait longer […]

Can I use my FinanceX account as a wallet to make purchases from?

No, FinanceX wallet are only designed for trading. They are not developed, nor are they intended to replace local wallets. Local wallets are suited for broadcasting transactions for general purpose use, including making purchases. If you intend to make routine payments or time-sensitive transactions, you must use a local wallet. FinanceX wallets are not designed […]